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Men Yoga Shorts

Our yoga shorts for men are made of 100% pure cotton and are designed for people looking for the right clothing to wear for their yoga practices, meditation, working out, or lounging. The cotton yoga shorts for men have been designed with fitting and performance in mind. The yoga shorts are soft and pleasant to touch, leaving you ready for any type of yoga poses. It features slim-fit shorts with a soft cotton waistband for a secured and comfortable fit so that you can concentrate on your poses, not your modesty.

The soft balloon cut of the men’s shorts allows maximum freedom of movement and does not feel overly tight. The layered thigh cuffs along with the tapered ends allow full coverage and comfort in the most difficult yoga poses. They will not ride up when you perform the inverted positions. Men’s shorts for yoga from Yogikuti are tremendously comfortable and are great at dispersing sweat to help keep you cool, and your shorts dry throughout your practice session.

Choose yoga crow shorts in a variety of different colors such as black, grey, blue, and others. Our shorts are available in sizes S to L, so make sure to check the size chart before ordering for the right fit.

Weight: 120gm to 150gm
Material: 100% Fine cotton


1.What are men’s Yoga shorts?

Yoga attire has a massive impact on the success and efficacy of Yoga poses. No matter if you are a pro or a newbie to Yoga practice, staying comfortable and feeling confident is essential. Yoga shorts are a staple Yoga-wear for men for a plethora of benefits. For starters, men don’t have to worry about modesty or comfort while delving into deeper Yoga postures with a perfectly-fit men’s Yoga shorts. Be it a stretching exercise or an inverted pose, YogiKuti offers premium Yoga shorts for men that comes with sweat-wicking capabilities; these shorts are extremely flexible and will keep you cozy during the Yoga session. Step in to your Yoga studio with an absolute pair of the best men’s Yoga shorts and get ready to garner appreciation all around you!

2.What does a guy wear to Yoga?

Considering today’s sedentary lifestyle, Yoga is must to lead a healthy and good-quality life. However, the decision to delve into Yoga and continue the practice requires persistence, and determination. A perfect Yoga attire makes the decision much easier. Guys who are newbies to Yoga usually prefer loose-fitted long pants and t-shirts. However, shorts will also make a perfect attire when it fits your body’s contours perfectly.

3.Is it okay to wear shorts to Yoga?

Yes, it is absolutely okay to wear shorts to Yoga. Yoga is a way to open up your body, mind, and soul and thus you must be comfortable while practicing Yoga. Wear shorts during Yoga if that makes you feel your best!

4.Where to buy men’s Yoga shorts?

The styling preferences vary from man to man. It does not work as a “one-size fits all” concept. Buy Yoga shorts from your favourite brick-and-mortar store after cruising through the wide collection or you can checkout eCommerce sites as well. At YogiKuti, we have the most fashionable yet comfy collection of cotton Yoga shorts for men in various sizes. Do check out our collection today and refurbish your Yoga wardrobe at an affordable price.

5.How to choose Yoga shorts for men?

Yoga shorts for men are considered a rather comfy and efficient attire for practicing a range of Yoga poses without any disruption. So, comfort is a primary aspect to consider while purchasing shorts for men. Next to comfort, the right size matters a lot. The shorts must be snug enough so that you don’t have to worry about modesty during the inverted positions.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

S-Waist(Inch)-29-32, M-Waist(Inch)-32-34, L-Waist(Inch)-34-37


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